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What we do

WordPress SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is not a secret, but it can be very complicated. That is why we offer WordPress SEO services for your existing website.

There are over 4 BILLION google searches everyday and your website should be seen by those looking for your services. Conected Digital Services will analysis your existing website and make content suggestions to help boost your ranking. Why? because searchers want to see relevant and compelling content quickly.

Did you know… 53% of people click on the first organic listing on google before looking at anything else.

How we do it

Rank Right!


We will research you and your competition to find the best keywords to target new business and rank highly. 


We will make sure all of your content and assets (images etc) are tagged correctly for your keywords and the search engines.


We will make sure your site is structured so your visitors and the bots can find exactly what they need too.


We will make sure all of your descriptions are effective and make sure your content does what it is supposed too.


We will help you generate unique and relevant content to target your key phrases for the search engines.


We will make sure all of your content is appropriately internally and externally linked to boost your rankings.

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